Mercedes Sprinter 2500 4x4

Hello, my name is Vincent.

I was ordered in 2019 from a dealership in Wisconsin as a bare metal vehicle.  Each detail was picked out specifically to help my transformation into a home on wheels.

Once I left the factory and arrived in the fall of 2020 it took 15 months of extremely dedicated building before I was ready to hit the road on my maiden journey to the American Southwest.

I really enjoy long drives down gravel roads and even though it scares my owner I really like heading through rough terrain and really using my 4×4 capabilities.


Camper Van

I really have everything you could want from a home on wheels. Hot/cold water, expansive electrical system, propane stove/oven, and even heated floors.

The Van Build

Eventually there will be a way to see everything that went into the build. Documentation of the process was quite extensive.

When the sun hits just right I can look pretty good. Here is my album of selfies; photo credit goes to James.